Top 5 Perfect Presents For Pokemon Trainers

In 2016, aged 32, I decided to start my collection of Pokémon TCG products. In the past year i’ve acquired 12 tins, two elite trainer boxes and I don’t know how many cards. I’ve got 100+ empty packs in a tub and that’s just the ones I managed to save in good condition, to do an art thing for my wall. I’ve also picked up a fair assortment of random Pokémon merchandise, because i’ve noticed that once you start a collection with a particular theme, you start to see bits and pieces everywhere.

I’ve mentioned more than once that me and sleep have only a passing acquaintance and I often while away the wee hours with a little digital window-shopping, while watching Pokémon TCG openings. There’s a ton of official Pokémon merchandise out there, of course, but there’s also a vast array of handmade and custom products, some of which are just stunning. I thought i’d share a few with you all so you too can enjoy all the Pokémon prettiness*. Click the section titles to go straight to the shop in question.

5) Custom Cards

I spotted these in an UnlistedLeaf video and fell in love, instantly. Just look at this!

Mewbone! Look at that adorable-but-slightly-creepy** little fella, isn’t he amazing? I may have to start a new binder purely for customs if they keep churning out beautiful work like this.

I could have easily included a whole gallery of images in this post from Custom Cards alone. Parallel Worlds water type Charizard. The beautiful, gold edged Luxury cards. Gengazard, a fusion of two of my favourite Pokémon of all time. There are tons of gorgeous designs and Custom Cards run daily deals so you can get some fantastic offers. The only reason i’ve not got a pile of pictures here is because I want you to get over to their Facebook page and check them out for yourselves, maybe buy twenty or so. Just click on the title above and it’ll take you straight to the Facebook page where you can message and put in an order.

4) Megan Allison Designs

Of course, not all Pokémon fans are into the TCG and that’s fine, we’ve got you covered. How about something freaking adorable to pin to your favourite Poké-shirt?

Couldn’t you just melt? The “Sailor Mew” pin is on my buy soon list and will be pinned, alongside my official Pokémon pin collection, to one of my many bags and hoodies and proudly displayed on the infrequent occasions that I get off my sofa and head out to play Pokémon Go.

Megan Allison Design also has an amazing Kirby pin and an “In space, no one can hear you squee” Alien pin which is frankly bloody amazing. Click the blue title to head over and buy some pretty Poké-pins.

3) Azalea Paper

Valentine’s Day isn’t for months yet and i’ve already got it in the bag. Look at this amazing pile of uber-cute.

This gorgeous Pikachu card is a design by Jade at Azalea Paper and is just one example of several stunning Pokémon themed cards, among other designs. While looking for Poké-products for this article, I stumbled across this page and instantly fell in love.

Jade recently started the shop and already has some beautiful designs up for a variety of occasions including birthdays, romantic occasions and friendship cards. Check them out by clicking the blue title, remember?

2) Jacks Posters

OK, so you’re sat in your living room, wearing your awesome new pin, adding your custom cards to your binder and writing out adorable greeting cards to send your nearest and dearest. You look up at the walls and lovely as it is to see all the pictures of family, friends, beloved pets, you can’t help thinking that something is missing…

Is that not Gen-glorious? Jack’s Posters does a stunning range of minimalist designs including, but not limited to, several Pokemon. Gengar is my favourite, but there’s a lovely Clefairy,  a fantastic Umbreon and several others including a Snorlax which I dare not let my daughter see because she’ll want me to buy a hundred and wallpaper her room with them.

They don’t come with the frame, I should point out. They don’t come with a lamp or toy car either, but you should have figured that much out for yourselves. They DO all include the name and Pokédex number and i’m confident that any Pokémon fan would love them. Blue title. Click. You know the drill.

1) Flea Circus Designs

Last but most definitely not least is Flea Circus Designs, who create a fantastic range of custom Pokémon 3DS cases. Look at this little face.

Mimikyu has fast become a bit of a fan favourite and now you can pop open the back of his head and ram your 3DS insi…when I put it like that, it sounds weird. The point is, these cases are cute as all hell and the perfect way to keep your DS safe and sound. Ash from Flea Circus will even create a custom case for you, based on pretty much anything. You just let her know what you want and she’ll sketch the design. I don’t actually own a 3DS yet but if Santa is really good to me this year, I know where i’ll be going for a custom Gengar case. Click the blue ti… you get it by now, surely?

*I wasn’t paid by any of the sellers above, nor was I given any freebies. I did get their permission to include them in this post, though. Full disclosure and all that. I share because these are items which have made it on to my Christmas list. I’ve been a real good boy this year…

**If you want to see really creepy Pokémon, check out my Top 5 Pokemon That Crawled Straight Out Of Hell

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