There’s no better view in the world than the view from my sofa, because I can change this view any time it bores me.

As my carefully worn cushion-groove cradles my buttocks, I can join a plucky young heroine as she slays vampires, jet off into space with Han and his space-bear or patrol the streets of Gotham as any number of Batpeople. Movies, TV shows, video games, books, web series, these are the things which keep me relatively sane as I slowly fuse myself with the furniture and become Couchman.

The reason I spend so much time engrossed in various forms of entertainment is because I have some fairly tedious mobility issues. Explaining them to you would bore you to tears, but the long-story-short version is that I don’t get about as much as i’d like to. Living life vicariously through a variety of fictional characters is about the only thing preventing a scenario in which my wife comes home from work to find me painting the walls with a brown substance that sure aint chocolate.

So, I bring you The View From My Sofa. A look at all of the things which keep me sane…ish.