From Adam Sandler To Denzel Washington

First and foremost, if you’ve not checked out any of my previous Six Degrees posts, i’d urge you to do so. The basic premise of the game has been explained before but to quickly sum up, I take two actors and try to link them through film and TV appearances. It’s basically Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon, but without Kevin Bacon. Except for the times when it includes Kevin Bacon. Moving on…

It’s been a while, folks! I’ve once more donned my writing cap and turned to my buddies online to throw out some suggestions for Six Degrees posts. This little beauty comes from my very good friend (and adopted sister) Sunshine! Thanks, Sun, this was…interesting.

Say what you will about Adam Sandler (and most do) the man has had a very successful film career. OK, maybe not critically, but the man makes money! In 2014, Adam “Happy Gilmore” Sandler* signed a very lucrative deal with Netflix which included The Ridiculous Six, an irreverent take on The Magnificent Seven. While not necessarily a cinematic masterpiece it’s a fun little flick and boasts an impressive cast which includes Harvey Keitel, Terry Crews, the ever wonderful Danny Trejo and of course, Rob Schneider.

Actor Rob Schneider
A man for whom the phrase “shit eating grin” was clearly invented…

Realistically, I could have started with any Sandler film and linked to Schneider. The “You Can Do It” guy has been in 18 movies with Adam Sandler by my count and will doubtless pop up in future entries, but The Ridiculous Six is one i’ve seen recently and also…well, you’ll see towards the end.

You might be wondering why i’ve chosen Schneider as my forward link instead of, for example, the more prolific Terry Crews? The simple answer is that I wanted to link to Sylvester Stallone and what better way than via the 1995 comic adaptation, Judge Dredd.

Yes, I could have gone via The Expendables and linked Crews to Stallone. I realised that literally as I was typing this, but I’ve started so I’ll finish and either way, the link stands. I also realise we now have a much better Dredd in Karl Urban. Not relevant but it bears mentioning because I DEMAND A DREDD 2. Anyway, I’m at Stallone and on to the next link in the chain.

Of course, with an acting career that has spanned half a century, there are plenty of Stallone films to choose from but i’m opting for one of his smaller roles as Stakar Ogord in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

The Hannah Montana reboot we need

Now, spoilers ahead (but c’mon it’s been out for five years now) but the Stallone mid credits scene in GOTG2 is one of my favourite from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seriously, it just makes me smile every time to see Stakar and his Guardians lineup, which includes Michelle Yeoh, Ving Rhames and Miley Cyr-wait what?
Yeah I actually didn’t realise that until I checked IMDB but Miley Cyrus is the voice of Mainframe in that scene. Sneaky, Marvel, very sneaky.

Anyways, Stallone is great in GOTG2 and of course shares a screen with future-voice-of-Mario and all around Twitter hate target, Chris Pratt. I’m not going to get into a lengthy discussion of the man himself and his alleged views or those of his church, this isn’t the place. What I will say is like him or loathe him, the guy is damn good as Star Lord. Seriously, I love that character and his portrayal thereof.

In fact, i’ve enjoyed Pratt’s work in a few films to date. Jurassic World was tons of fun and of course his turn as Faraday in the 2016 remake of The Magnificent Seven was absolutely fantastic. Yup, that’s our link folks. Chris Pratt shot up the town alongside Denzel Washington in one of the best westerns i’ve seen in years.

So, Sandler to Schneider, to Stallone, to Pratt, to good ol’ Denzel. Did it in four.*** NEXT!

As always, thanks to IMDB for the actor and movie info linked in this article. Not that they know about it, but i’m sure they wouldn’t mind.

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*Happy Gilmore is his best film and an absolute classic, I will not be taking questions at this time

**No, really. Look it up…

***Just for fun, you can do it in three. Adam Sandler to Steve Buscemi (who’s also starred in a bunch of Sandler movies, take your pick), who starred in Desperado with Antonio Banderas, who played Tom Hanks‘ lover in the heart wrenchingly brilliant Philadelphia alongside Denzel Washington. Still, I like the pleasant juxtaposition**** of the cowboy to cowboy four step, don’t you?

**** NEVER miss an opportunity to throw in the word juxtaposition

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