Just Thinking… David Tennant Is Definitely* Going To Replace Peter Capaldi As The Doctor

*Probably not, actually.

I absolutely love Doctor Who. Ecclestone, Tennant, Smith, Capaldi, Davies, Moffat, whatever. I love all of it. There have been some dodgy moments, some episodes are better than others but as someone who watched repeats of Pertwee and thrilled at every rubber monster, Doctor Who has the power to turn me into a child again and anything that can give me that level of escapism is something to cherish.

Lately, the Whovian web has been a-buzz with speculation regarding the next Doctor. With Capaldi stepping down in the Christmas episode, who will take up the sonic and keep humanity safe for another three to four seasons? Well, I had this crazy theory. What if Tennant came back?

Of all the Doctors since the return of Doctor Who to our screens, David Tennant is probably my favourite. He could whip from charming, whimsical and light-hearted to dark, brooding and beautifully angry in the blink of an eye. I’d dearly love to see him back at the controls of the Tardis and recently I realised that it could happen. It would fit within the established lore, it would seem to coincide with what the BBC wants and lord knows the public would be OK with it.

This is all wild speculation. Something to keep the brain occupied at 3am when sleep eludes me. Probably nonsense, but then again, you never know. Read on Whovians but be warned, here be spoilers…

“I was bloody good.”

So, what do I have to support my claims? None. Nothing concrete, anyway. What I do have is a whole lot of wild eyed raving, backed up by some circumstantial evidence which definitely lines up with my theories, if you look at it from the right angle. I said this was probably nonsense, but it’s nonsense that the show could make work, if it really tried. First up…


Sort of. They’ve been reported as saying they want “a return to the format from the David Tennant era” with the dashing Doctor and his companion. What could be more David Tennant than David Tennant? Still, there’s plenty of actors who could run about, being dashing and looking surprisingly good in a suit and sand shoes. Nevertheless, if BBC executives are feeling nostalgic for the Tennant era and the man himself was available, it’s not a stretch to believe that they might consider a reversion as opposed to a regeneration. Sadly, David Tennant probably has other things to do.


Seriously, check out his IMDB page. He’s got a few things on the slate but they’re all in post-production or announced, so on the face of it, at least, he’s good to go. Admittedly, there are probably projects in the works which haven’t been listed on IMDB and of course Tennant might just be taking some time off but looking at that slate, you could imagine him working things around a couple seasons of Doctor duty, right? Broadchurch is all wrapped up, too, so no issues there. Oh, speaking of Broadchurch…


Chris Chibnall, the man behind Broadchurch, is taking over as showrunner when Moffat steps down at the end of season 10. I know that’s not exactly news but it does lend some support to my wild speculations, as Chibnall and Tennant have worked together before. It’s pretty thin, I grant you, but it’s something. Directors, writers, show-runners, they all have a tendency to build up a relationship with certain actors and work with them again and again. They don’t go Burton & Depp about it, but it’s  not unusual.


In the run up to the season ten finale, Peter Capaldi teased a “complicated” regeneration. We now know that he had no intention of regenerating. The Twelfth Doctor is tired and has decided to resist his bodies attempts to regenerate and just let go. The Doctor said that he couldn’t keep being somebody else. Well, maybe he doesn’t have to? If he were to regenerate into an old, familiar face, perhaps? Hey, that rings a bell…


Day of the Doctor, the 50th anniversary special, was bloody amazing. Everything about it was fantastic, including the fant-HANG ON! SPOILERS! If for some ungodly reason you’ve not watched Day of the Doctor, go do that and then come back.

“I was a lot better than you lot, but these kids today…”

Good, wasn’t it? OK, so here it is. Tom Baker pops up at the end. The Doctor is musing about the possibility of retiring and becoming curator of the gallery and Tom Baker pops up and says “I think you might” before teasing that the Doctor may one day regenerate into some of his previous forms, “just the old favourites”. Not to read too much into it but this does establish that the Doctor not only COULD reset to a previous backup, so to speak, but that at some point in his life, he absolutely will.


This isn’t so much a piece of supporting evidence as it is a simple fact. David Tennant frequently pops up at number one on various “Who was the best Doctor” articles. The fans love him. I’m not sure his return would actually work but if you’re a BBC exec and you’re thinking purely about popularity, you might just have “Allons-y” on the tip of your tongue. Maybe.

Hey, I don’t know. I’ve got a bunch of wild speculatin’ and precious real info, dagnabbit. I do know that i’d be quite happy with Tennant returning but equally i’d  be quite happy with many of the suggestions that are floating about. Amanda Abbington, Sue Perkins, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston. Any of those would be interesting. I was just thinking…

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